Most roofs are designed with the plan that they will last for thirty years or so. The better quality the materials and the more experienced the installers, the higher the odds are that the thirty-year mark will be met. However, a wise homeowner keeps an eye on the roof looking for indications that it might be the time to repair it or replace it. The primary function of the roof system is to protect against and manage the weather elements, particularly precipitation, thereby protecting the interior and structural components of the home. For the purposes of a home inspection, the roof system consists primarily of roof coverings, flashings, and chimneys.

In addition to protecting the interior ...

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Hire a local Inland Empire GAF Certified roofing contractor to guarantee that your roofers have taken the time to undergo the most rigorous roofing contractor training.

GAF Master Elite® contractor is Properly Licensed by the state of California to perform roofing work. We are adequately insured for your protection having a proven reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout the community. Our commitment to maintaining this top-tier reputation is exercised by regular Professional Training to ensure a quality installation.

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One way to make sure that your home is free of water damage and pests is to ensure that the roofing system is sound. Over time, wind and water damage can compromise the exterior surface of the roof, creating an entry point for water, insects, and other pests. There are several ways that homeowners can minimize roofing expenses long term.


Regular Inspections
Inspecting the roof regularly helps to prevent extensive problems. While homeowners can do a visual inspection from the attic and from the street, many ...

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What is the average roof lifespan?

Depending on the substance used and upkeep the average roof lifespan should last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. All roofs have to be replaced, however regular upkeep and small repairs may help prolong their lifespan. Investing in a new roof is a long-term investment that not only saves the homeowner’s money but also protects the home from the dangers of water damage, elements, and pests.

What type of roofing credentials are required of roofing contractors?

You should only work with a roofing company that has a C39 License (state roofing lic.) The proper Licensing ensures that you are hiring a roofing contractor that has all the required training and expe...

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Micasa Pro Roofers is the best local roofing company providing the highest quality of materials and experienced installers to handle all roof renovations, repairs, and maintenance.

Investing in a new roof is a long-term investment that not only saves the homeowner’s money but it also protects the home from the dangers of water damage, and pests.

A single loose or missing shingle/tile can lead homeowners to a list of endless concerns.

Micasa Pro Roofers is a trusted roofing company dedicated to granting customers peace of mind every time.

All roofs have to be replaced, increase the value of your home by hiring a reliable roofer.

We are a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor dedicated to servicin...

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