Why use synthetic underlayment vs. felt?

temp-post-image•Special Moisture-Control Design… Helps remove nearly two times as much damaging moisture from your roof deck as the leading synthetic non-breathable underlayment.

• Durable Construction… Non-asphaltic, polypropylene construction will not rot or become brittle (unlike conventional felts, that can disintegrate over time).

• Better-Looking Roof… Tiger Paw™ Roof Deck Protection resists wrinkling and buckling that can “telegraph” through your roof shingles and detract from its finished appearance.

• Peace of Mind… Up to a Lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on Lifetime Shingle roofs.

• Stronger: The synthetic non-woven construction provides at least 600%, or at least 7 x’s greater tear strength than standard #30


Make sure you verify your roofing contractors credentials, make sure he is a C39 Contractor to insure they have proper insurance coverage. Do this before you hire or sign a contract to avoid becoming a victim to a crooked contractor. Give us a call Micasa Pro Roofers,

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